Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions which educators have asked about Room 4010. To save you time from looking elsewhere, we’ve curated a list of our software's most frequently asked questions.

  • Q.How Do I Book A Demo?

    Easy, hover to the contact us page. Fill out the form and a memeber of our sales team will get back to you within 24 hours

  • Q.What schools can use Room 4010?

    Room 4010 is available for any school type such as kindergarten, primary, middle school, high school, colleges or universities. Our software allows institutions to upload their content across semesters, weeks, months or years, fitting around their teaching.

  • Q.What devices can use Room 4010?

    This software has been developed for a range of devices from desktop, laptop, tablet and mobiles.

  • Q.What features does Room 4010 have for teachers?

    Room 4010 allows teachers to see what students are in their class and their students’ grades. Similarly, they can assign work, create lessons, notes multi-choice and open answered exams.

  • Q.What type, of course, can you create?

    Based on your content, you can create, edit or duplicate any course you like. When creating a course you can choose your grade level, the name and course description.

  • Q.How many students can sign up for Room 4010?

    No matter how big or small your institution is, Room 4010 can accommodate